On April 26, 2019, we hosted a robust Twitter chat about “Expanding the Immigrant Narrative.” YWCAs from across the country, individuals, our national partners, and a number of other national organizations, including Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Families Belong Together, Alliance for Immigrant Survivors, and more, had a robust conversation discussing the questions below.


Immigration happens beyond the border. Why is it important to offer varied and diverse immigrant narratives and how do you accomplish this in your work or in your organization?


In what ways can you include Black, Brown, AAPI and/or queer immigrant narratives in your work?


How do you center immigrant justice in your work (whether your work be in reproductive justice, women’s rights, racial justice, gender-based violence, etc.)?


Threats to physical safety, economic stability, and basic human dignity are often particularly acute for immigrant women and girls, particularly those of color. In this work, how can we uplift the voices of immigrant women and girls?


What does it mean to offer culturally responsive services? How does your organization ensure that the services you provide to immigrants in your community are culturally responsive?


What are actionable steps we can each take—as individuals or as organizations—to combat racist and xenophobic narratives of immigration?


What policy proposals and solutions can help support and protect immigrants? What ideas and policies are being considered in your community?


What resources are available to support immigrants in your community