Doulas, Midwives, and Much More: A discussion centered on the historical context of doulas and midwifery from a social justice lens

Jamila Green

YWCA Central Carolinas

Event Date/Time:

  1. Tuesday, May 3, 2022
    6:00pm — 7:00pm

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Doulas and midwives have played a significant role throughout the history of maternal health. According to the National Museum of African American History and Culture, before the 1930s most African American women had home births facilitated by a midwife. For Indigenous and Latinx women, the assistance of a midwife ensured a safe and culturally competent approach to giving birth. These culturally sacred roles are held in high regard in communities of color where they are deemed advocates for those birthing. As we look at the startling statistics on maternal health amongst communities of color, the need for solutions like the use of doulas and midwives continues to be high.

Join YWCA Central Carolinas and YWCA High Point on May 3 at 6pm for a dynamic discussion on the historical importance of doulas and midwives in relation to social justice and advocacy. Register here:

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