Historical Trauma and the Impact on Marginalized Communities

Tre Williams

YWCA of Asheville

Event Location

185 S. French Broad Ave.
Asheville, NC 28801
United States

Event Date/Time:

  1. Friday, April 23, 2021
    11:00am — 12:30pm

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Stand Against Racism Initiative’s YWCA theme is “From Declarations to Change: Addressing Racism as a Public Health Crisis.” Fox Management Consulting Enterprises, LLC, will provide a one-hour and half presentation related to historical racism and the impact that it has on marginalized communities, as well as provide options for overcoming system biases and racism by identifying alternative pathways to address inequalities and the introduction of a community resiliency model. Topics will include the impact of redlining and microaggressions related to personal and community trauma, and the health-related issues of stress, heart disease, and strokes that marginalized community members experience due to discrimination and racism, as well as to briefly discuss the inequities that the COVID-19 Pandemic has spotlighted pertaining to the “Opportunity Gap.” Attendees will be challenged to implement action strategies to enhance positive change, inclusion, and equity.

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