Take Action

Take Action

Anyone can participate in Stand Against Racism, in ways big or small! From planning and hosting an event or posting a video, to contacting your legislators or engaging with us on social media, there are a number of ways to get involved with this campaign for racial justice. Here are a few:

Hold your own Stand Against Racism event

Want to host an event? Your event can be any size, take place anywhere, and even be a private event. Register your event to access a digital toolkit that includes everything you need to plan your event.

Attend a Stand Against Racism event near you

There are currently over 400 events in communities across the country, representing almost every single state. Find an event in your community, and bring your friends and family with you! Encourage others to do the same.

Share a short video about why you stand against racism

Film a short video explaining why you stand against racism, and share it with us on social media using the #StandAgainstRacism hashtag. Check out this toolkit for video tips, prompts, and sample social media posts. Watch our CEO Alejandra Y. Castillo’s video and get inspired to film your own!

Take the pledge to stand against racism

Take the pledge to join YWCA and hundreds of thousands of people across the country to stand against racism, today and every day.

Contact your members of Congress

Help ensure that we hold Congress accountable for taking steps to address systemic racism and improve the quality of life for women and communities of color. Act now and join us in urging members of Congress to support the End Racial (and Religious) Profiling Act, Trauma Informed Care, and the Dream Act.

Engage with us on social media

Promote the campaign on social media, and share your personal thoughts on why it is so important to stand against racism. If you’re attending or hosting an event, be sure to share information and thoughts about it using the #StandAgainstRacism hashtag and tagging us on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram. If you’d like to use our promotional sharegraphics, you can download them here.

Thank you for being part of this movement! Each of can play a role in the fight for racial justice, and we are glad you are joining us in this continuing, important work.